Manual single grating spectrograph

Shamrock SR-163 from Andor Technology

Robust, compact and manual 163 mm spectrograph in crossed Czerny-Turner setup. Combined with exchangeable grating and detector the system is a general purpose device for multiple applications in spectroscopy.

Compact & rugged design
Imaging-configurable platform
Wide range of interchangeable gratings
Variety of fixed slits
Large choice of light coupling interfaces

The Shamrock 163 is the most compact research-grade Czerny-Turner spectograph on the market. Its 163 mm focal length, high F/3.6 aperture and wide range of seamlessly interchangeable gratings, slits and light coupling accessories make it the ideal tool for general benchtop spectroscopy measurements.

Absorption, transmission, reflection
Single molecule spectroscopy
Hyperspectral imaging
Micro Raman and micro fluorescence
Laser generated breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)
Thermoluminescence emission spectrometry of glass display in mobile phones and resulting evaluation of the dosimetric properties of a specific type of display glass M. Discher,
C. Woda
Institute of Radiation Protection, Helmholtz Zentrum München – German Research Center for Environmental Health, Neuherberg, Germany2014Shamrock SR-163
iDus DU420A-OE
Visual communication based on color signals in aquatic environmentsI. P. Rick,
D. Meuthen
Institute for Evolutionary Biology and Ecology, University of Bonn, Germany2012Shamrock SR-163
iDus DV420A-OE
Raman spectroscopy in the NIR using InGaAs Multichannel DetectorsW. BrowneInstitute for Chemistry, University of Groningen, The Netherlands2011Shamrock SR-163
iDus InGaAs DU490A-1.7
Atmospheric physics
Measurement of OH airglow temperatures in the mesopause regionC. Schmidt,
M. Bittner
German Aerospace Center, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany2011Shamrock SR-163
iDus InGaAs DU490A-1.7
Beam diagnostics
Electro-optic bunch profile monitor at FLASHL. WißmannFLA, Deutsches Elektronensynchrotron (DESY), Hamburg, Germany2011Shamrock SR-163
iDus InGaAs DU490A-1.7
MAX-DOAS measurements of bromine monoxide (BrO)F. WittrockInstitute of Environmental Physics, University of Bremen, Germany2009
Shamrock SR-163
iDus DV420A-BU


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