Pixelated polarizers

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Pixelated polarizers are available as two, three and four-state devices for polarimetric imaging. Polarization helps to pull more information from an obscured image to enable clearer imaging. With pixelated polarizers, multiple polarizations across the visible and into IR wavelengths can be gathered real-time. This enables 3D imaging technology and extreme low light imaging. Pixel pitch can be customized for different CCD/CMOS sensor arrays.

>20° half angle without performance loss
Wavelength and AOI independent
Compatible with high-resolution sensor arrays
Userdefined geometrics
Allow for single camera systems

The traditional way to 3D image is to use two shots with different polarizations and two cameras precisely aligned to each other. Then the imaging information must be very carefully overlaid and aligned. The advantage with pixelated polarization on a CCD/CMOS array is that you achieve the equivalent information in a single shot that otherwise would require at least two polarizations with two cameras. Pixelated polarization enables real-time 3D imaging without the camera image overlay difficulty.

Imaging polarimetry
Polarization difference imaging
3D-image capture/3D-Display/3D-Biometric facial recognition
Biological analysis and cell differentiation
Polarization microscopy
Polarized fiberoptic probes
Remote sensing
Target discrimination


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