Nanoindenter NanoTest CORE Range

Dedicated Indentation-, Scratch- and Impact-Tester

The NanoTest CORE Range from Micro Materials proposes an affordable alternative to the already established Nanoindenter NanoTest Vantage. Key focus in the development of the CORE Range was a highly cost efficient design whilst maintaining data quality and stability. This allows the system to be ideally suited for high-end academic and corporate R&D labs, but also for more repetitive QC applications.

Excellent price/performance ratio
Easy and intuitive operation
Two different loading ranges from nano to micro
Dedicated Indentation-, Scratch- and Impact-Tester

The CORE range consists of five standalone systems and has been engineered for easy and intuitive use whilst retaining industry leading stability and data quality as does the NanoTest Vantage.

  • CORE Nanoindentation
  • CORE Microindentation
  • CORE Nano-Scratch Tester
  • CORE Micro-Scratch Tester
  • CORE Nano-Impact Tester

The basic working principles are similar to previous Micro Materials NanoTest systems. The normal load is applied by electro-magnetic force actuation in form of a coil-magnet assembly. Displacement data is measured by using high precision capacitive sensors with sub-nanometer resolution.

The CORE range systems, contrary to the NanoTest Vantage, are dedicated platforms designed for performing one type of mechanical testing. Hence, both loading range (Nano- or Microhead), as well as mechanical test (indentation, scratch or impact) need to be chosen carefully based on the application’s demand.

All CORE instruments are compliant with relevant industrial standards, such as for indentation ISO 14577 and ASTM E-2546 and for scratch testing ASTM 7187-20 and ASTM 7027-05

Loading range:

  • 10 µN – 500 mN Nano-Loadinghead
  • 300 mN – 30 N Micro- Loadinghead

Measurement Options:

  • Nanoindentation / Nanohardness testing
  • Microindentation / Microhardness testing
  • Nanoscratch tests with simultaneous friction measurement
  • Microscratch tests with simultaneous friction measurement
  • Nano- und Micro-Impact measurements


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