High-speed cameras

The compact and robust high speed cameras with internal memory are easy to use tools to take images on events which are saved after the image acquisition into the memory of the camera. After use the sequences then are viewed when the camera is connected to a PC or the sequences are downloaded for later analyze. These cameras are portable and used in different locations.  AOS offers long recording times with the internal memory and different capacities of memory are available. The high speed cameras can be optimized in the field by the user with various options and accessories, this is why a user may start with a basic and affordable set up and extends his equipment by time.

Our cameras can be triggered in various modes, external, internal with post, pre and other ways to trigger. A comprehensive but intuitive software accompanies the cameras allowing a fast start and answers most requirements.


Streaming cameras take advantage of the enormous hard discs in computers or LapTops and do not need own memory. The streaming camera is connected by a standard interface like GigE or CoaXpress, but newly as well by USB3 with the computer. Recording lengths up to hours are possible. Sequences can easily be overwritten until an important event triggers the saving. Streaming cameras are meant for continuous image acquisition, if the time line of the event is not known. Therefore streaming cameras are the best tool for observation of long term processes where it is not possible to predict a problem or an incident.


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