Cryogenic temperature monitors

Model 12i, Model 14i and Model 18i from CryoCon

We offer cryogenic temperature monitors with eight, four and two independent multipurpose input channels, supporting silicon and GaAlAs diode sensors, platinum, CLTS and Rhodium-Iron RTDs, Negative-Temperature-Coefficient (NTC) resistor sensors and all other cryogenic resistor temperature sensors, including an optional dual thermocouple input. The low temperature monitors offer built-in sensor calibration curves that support most industry standard low temperature sensors. Additionally, eight user calibration curves are available for custom or calibrated sensors. Each user curve may have up to 200 entries. The temperature range (between 500 mK and 1200 K) depends on the sensor type. The controller offers a wide variety of standard remote interfaces including Ethernet and RS-232. GPIB and USB are optional. LabView drivers are available for all interfaces.

Two, four or eight multipurpose input channels
Supports all common temperature sensors on the market
Operation from 1.0 K to over 1500 K with an appropriate sensor
Continuous data logging into internal non-volatile memory
Built-in web server
Industrial Control Systems
  • Modbus protocol directly interfaces to most industrial Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • Flexible input power scheme with Power over Ethernet
  • Two high current relay outputs
  • Remote command language is SCPI compliant
Cryogen-Free systems
  • Up to eight input channels
  • Two high-current relay outputs
General purpose laboratory
  • Supports virtually every type of cryogenic temperature sensor
  • Ethernet connectivity for ease of remote control
  • Temperature activated relays and alarms
  • Instrument status and control via a standard web browser
Distributed Instrumentation
  • Ethernet facilitates separation of instruments over great distances so the instrument can be moved closer to the temperature sensors
  • Many instruments can be connected to a single LAN
  • Power over Ethernet simplifies power distribution
Superconducting Magnets
  • Robust support for the NTC temperature sensors that are commonly used in magnet systems
  • Internal data logging to NV memory records time stamped data and survives a power failure
Data Acquisition / Computer control
  • Secure Ethernet connection
  • Remote command language is SCPI compliant
  • LabView drivers for all remote interfaces


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