Nanoimager – democratizing super-resolution microscopy

Nanoimager – super-resolution microscopy

Rethinking super-resolution microscopy at Oxford Nanoimaging (ONI). 

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• No optical table

The Nanoimager microscope has been stripped of all traditional fluorescence microscope elements not relevant for the generation of high-quality, single-molecule data.

The design has been reduced to the most relevant parts and does not include optical stages or other accessories. This makes Nanoimager an extremely budget-friendly, high-resolution system.

It is easily set up on any standard laboratory bench and does not need an optical stage. Nanoimager can be used in a wide range of scientific fields:

• Single-molecule, localization-based super resolution for quantitative cellular imaging 

• TIRF and epifluorescence for diffraction-limited fluorescence imaging

• Single-molecule FRET for measuring molecular interactions in the 2-10 nm range 

• Single particle tracking in cells and solutions to derive diffusion co-efficients and hydrodynamic size

Its small 21 x 21 cm footprint has a number of advantages. It is space-saving and reduces imaging errors, aberrations and loss of light in the optical path. Further to its anti-drift characteristics, Nanoimager features vibration dampening. This is also supported by its compact design.

All in all, Nanoimager is the most stable system of its kind. Even with high powered 1W lasers, Nanoimager is a category 1 laser device and can be used in all types of laboratories. Order our demo system and see for yourself.

Please be aware that we do not sell this product in all European countries.



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