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High-throughput bright field and fluorescence scanner
sCMOS cameras
Optical coherence tomography system
EMCCD detectors for spectroscopy
Manual single grating spectrograph
Cameras and detectors for time-resolved imaging and spectroscopy
Vacuum spectrographs for VUV and XUV / EUV spectroscopy
High-throughput transmission grating spectrograph
NIR spectroscopy with photo diode array
High-throughput bright-field scanner
CCD cameras for direct detection (<20 keV)
Echelle spectrograph
Fast spectroscopic ellipsometer M-2000
Motorized Czerny-Turner spectrographs
Low-noise CCD detectors
In-situ spectroscopic ellipsometer iSE
Arc light sources
FTIR ellipsometer IR-VASE
Dual rotating compensator ellipsometer RC2
3D optical surface profiler with smart PSI and true color measurements
High-speed streaming cameras
Spectroscopic ellipsometer for Vacuum Ultra Violet: VUV-VASE
Ellipsometer for texture Si solar cells T-Solar
Widest spectral range ellipsometer VASE
Short introduction: Ellipsometry
Economic high precision table top ellipsometer Alpha-SE
High-performance CCD detectors
3D metrology of aspheric surfaces
White light interferometer for roughness
Phase shifting Fizeau interferometer with vibration tolerant algorithm
Dynamic metrology
Interferometer optimized for production metrology
Phase shifting Fizeau interferometer with ring light source
Wavelength shifting Fizeau interferometer for multi surface cavities
White light interferometer automated for production
White light interferometer for general purposes
Phase shifting Fizeau interferometer
Benchtop NMR MQC analyzer
MSHD-300 with variable slits & MSHD-300F with fixed slits
MSH-300 with variable slits & MSH-300F with fixed slits
MSH-150 with variable slits & MSH-150F with fixed slits
Photo lithography systems
Cameras for indirect detection (>20 keV)
Neutral density filter sets
Bi-concave lenses
Bi-convex lenses
Plano concave lenses
Plano convex lenses
Standard bandpass filters and sets
Colored glass filters
Raman spectroscopy filters
Standard infrared bandpass filters
Astronomy/UVBRI filters
Monochromator order sorting filters
Heat control filters
Edge filters
Dichroic filters and sets
Calibration filter sets
High-speed cameras with internal memory
Stand-alone X-ray cameras


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